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Auto Core Builder (large)

  Introduced a couple years ago, these Auto Tube Pushing Machines are helping to automate the core assembly process by pushing the tubes into the core automatically. Once the operator loads the fins and starts the first row of tubes, the machine takes over and pushes the rest automatically.

    It uses a special assembly fixture that supports the fins while the tubes are being pushed in making it possible to use very thin gage fin material. The fin is actually supported the entire width and therefore preventing the fin from falling out of the fixture.

The tubes are dispensed into the pusher, and a pneumatic cylinder pushes the tubes into the core assembly. With speeds up to 10 seconds per tube on a 1.5m long core, you can see your production grow.

ATP-60120 Automatic Tube Pushing Core Builder

Machine Specification

  • Machine Size - 2.80m L x 4.00m W x 2.00m H
  • Machine Weight - 1450 kg
  • Machine Speed - 4 seconds per tube
  • Machine Power - 230 VAC, 3 PH, 50/60 HZ, 50 AMP
  • Air Supply - 100 psi Moisture Free Air
  • Operator Interface - Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 600
  • Machine Color - Voss Blue
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Machine Capacity

  • Max Fin Length - 60" (1524mm)
  • Max Tube Length - 120" (3050mm)
  • Core Size - 60" x 120" (1524mm x 3050mm)
  • Max Core Size - Table Dependent
  • Machine Options

  • Other Available Sizes - ATP-6060
  • Contact Voss Mfg for custom size
  • Paint Color
  • These core builders are available in different sizes 1.5m and 3m