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Fin Inspection

  Fin Inspection is a critical part of the fin making process and it's important you have a good solid gage to inspect the fin height. Voss makes a variety of gages for different types of fins, these are used for Serpentine, Square Wave and Turbulator type fins whereas the fin height is very critical.

    An Indicator and Block method are the most common, most reliable and repeatable in the inspection process.

The data collected is transferred directly into a spreadsheet where it can be used to calculate the cp, cpk and other statistics.

FI-40 Fin Inspection

Machine Specification

  • Machine Size - 1.40m L x 0.31m W x 0.39m H
  • Machine Weight - 30 kg
  • Machine Power - Battery & USB Cable
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Machine Capacity

  • Max Fin Length - 40" (1016mm)
  • Voss Mfg will be glad to work with you on an inspection method that suits your needs