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Header Press

  The Voss HP-600 CNC Header Press is used to produce Industrial Bolt-on type header plates.

    This machine is specifically designed to punch Bolt-on type Header Plates, from its 8 station tool changer to handle your most popular tools, to the custom Voss software used to program your header plates. Add Voss Tooling to the system and you can produce header plates to the highest quality required by your demanding applications.

The machine uses a unique triple action system to punch the header plates, controlling each the Punch, Die and Stripper holding pressure mechanically to produce superior tube slots. Some deep draw applications can produce collars that are up to 4mm high in 1.6mm material.

HP-600 CNC Header Press

Machine Specification

  • Machine Size - 3.35m L x 3.35m W x 1.52m H
  • Machine Weight - 1500 kg
  • Machine Speed - 95 strokes per minute
  • Machine Power - 230 VAC, 3 PH, 50/60 HZ, 20 AMP
  • Air Supply - 100 psi Moisture Free Air
  • Operator Interface - Keyboard/Monitor
  • Machine Color - Voss Blue
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Machine Capacity

  • Max Strip Thickness - 0.156" (4.00mm)
  • Max Strip Width - 12" x 66" (304mm x 1676mm)
  • Maximum Header Size - 304mm W x 1676mm L
  • Minimum Header Size (Using Rectractable Clamps) - 100mm W x 635mm L
  • Minimum Header Size (Without Rectractable Clamps) - 100mm W x 203mm L
  • Maximum Material Thickness - 4mm Brass, 3mm Steel (not to exceed 7 ton of punching pressure)
  • Minimum Material Thickness - 1mm
  • Maximum Punched Hole Diameter - 15mm Dia
  • Minimum Punched Hole Diameter - 2X material thickness (usually)
  • Maximum Tube Slot Size - 15.875mm x 28.575mm
  • Machine Options

  • Paint Color