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Tube Pusher

  This Semi-Auto Tube Pusher is used for assisting the operator pushing tubes on long cores up to 3m. It's hard to handle tubes this long manually, so having a machine guide and push them is beneficial not only to the operator but able to produce a tighter fitting tube for better performing cores.

    Connected to an Assembly Fixture it's a perfect match for building these large cores that are used in the Locomotive Industry and Large Gen-Set type Radiators.

    Programming is easy and can be adapted to your fin pattern. Different tube guides are available for using with your tube sizes.

TP-63120 Semi-Automatic Tube Pushing Machine

Machine Specification

  • Machine Size - 4.25m L x 2.23m W x 1.50m H
  • Machine Weight - 1500 kg
  • Machine Power - 230 VAC, 3 PH, 50/60 HZ, 30 AMP
  • Air Supply - 100 psi Moisture Free Air
  • Operator Interface - Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 600
  • Machine Color - Voss Blue
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Machine Capacity

  • Max Fin Length - 63" (1600mm)
  • Max Tube Length - 120" (3050mm)
  • Core Size - 63" x 120" (1600mm x 3050mm)
  • Machine Options

  • Contact Voss Mfg for custom size
  • Paint Color