Job Title: Inventory Control Analyst

Inventory Control Analyst
Voss Manufacturing, Inc.
Wheatfield, NY 14132

Voss Manufacturing is a diversified manufacturer of tooling, equipment, machined components and fabrications. This is an entry level position in our Materials Department with future advancement possibilities.

Essential Functions:
• To be responsible for the recording, tracking and maintenance of the company’s inventory system.
• Assist sales department in expediting parts to meet customer demands.
• Review shop floor work orders for an Assembly Cell and order appropriate materials.
• Prepare computer spreadsheets to assist tracking of manufacturing jobs.
• Arrange & coordinate subcontract activities to ensure on time deliveries.
• Cross-train on Purchasing Activities to assist Purchasing during periods of high demand.
• Cross-train on entering parts into MRP system to assist Process Engineering during periods of high demand.
• Enter data quantities of parts issued and transferred between locations, inventory and cycle count adjustments, into computer database.
• Troubleshoot quantity discrepancies with manufacturing and inspection personnel.
• Maintains optimum inventory levels to ensure on-time deliveries meeting customer requirements while minimizing carrying costs and premium transportation charges.
• Assists and establishes procedures for taking and valuing the year end physical inventory.
• Coordinates with purchasing department to schedule delivery of materials, supplies, equipment and services according to requirements of the company’s operations.
• Assist in maintaining production schedules, communicating shortcomings, expediting, etc.
• Utilize office equipment and computers and be self-sufficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and other software essential to job function.

• 1+ year related experience a plus.
• Bachelor’s degree in business or related field a plus, Associates degree a must.