Double-Sided Industrial Assembly Fixture (AFDS-size)

These double-sided fixtures are built so one assembly fixture frame can have interchangeable plates, giving more flexibility and space saving.  The plates are machined on both sides, with different fins per inch (FPI).  This allows flipping the plate over and having a second FPI available in the same table.  Also, additional plates can be ordered, each with two FPI’s available, adding to your inventory of what can be used on a single frame.  As your business grows, additional table frames can be ordered to utilize the plates already purchased.  Due to the plates being double sided, they are limited to 30” or 36” wide “Groove Length”.  When building cores larger, you simply slide the core through the table and continue pushing the tubes.

Double-Sided Industrial Assembly Fixture (AFDS-size)


  • Machine Size – 6ft [1.8m] L x 6ft [1.8m] W x 5ft [1.6m] H
  • Machine Weight – 2650 lb. [1200 kg] approx. (Based on fixture size)


  • Max Fin Length – 60″ [1524mm]
  • Max Tube Length – 60″ [1524mm]
  • Core Size – 60″ x 60″ [1524mm x 1524mm]
  • Max Core Thickness – 8” [200mm]

Other Sizes Available