Precision Machining

Voss has a full range of machining processes in-house, offering advanced capabilities that can challenge the limits of precision and geometric intricacy.  Voss has earned the ranking of an industry leader in precision machining by combining state-of-the-art machine tool technology with highly talented staff that are experts in advanced machining methods.   

Voss is strategically tooled for versatility so that our machinery and staff are equipped to take on virtually any challenge and adapt quickly to the dynamic market.  Voss is capable of handling a wide range of component complexity, from simple machined components to complex/tight tolerance components.  We are equipped to be highly flexible to handle a wide range of lot sizes, from one-off prototypes to high volume production lots.  Voss is capable of machining a wide array of material types.  Even in cases where the application demands material types that we are not yet familiar with, Voss excels in adapting and achieving high quality results. 

Common Materials: 

  • Plastics (Delrin, Nylon, PVC, UHMW) 
  • Aluminium (2024, 6061, 7075) 
  • Carbon Steels (1018, A36) 
  • Stainless Steels (303, 304, 316) 
  • Tool Steels (A2, D2, 4140, CPM 15V) [Soft or Hardened] 

While each of our machining processes individually carry a reputation of high quality and capability, we offer our customers an unparalleled advantage by being able to put them all together.  Voss is your top choice one-stop shop for your machining needs. By close collaboration with our customers, we are capable to serve the unique demands of each and every customer.  

 Explore our machining processes: 


Voss offers a wide range of milling capabilities, utilizing modern CNC technology.  Our machine lineup offers a wide range of work envelopes, consisting of both vertical machining centers and horizontal boring mill.  Voss has multi-axis milling capability, which allows us to machine components with challenging geometry and tight feature-to-feature tolerances.  Our extremely talented and creative machinists are eager to push the limits to make the impossible possible, while consistently delivering unmatched precision and quality.  

Key attributes: 

  • 3-axis Vertical Mill  
    • Max. travel (X, Y, Z): 80” x 37” x 40” 
  • 4-axis Vertical Mill 
    • Max. travel (XYZ, A): 43” x 22” x 20” x 360° 
  • 4-axis Horizontal Boring Mill  
    • Max. travel (XYZW, B): 98.4” x 59.1” x 57.1 x 19.7” x 360° 
    • Loading capacity6,300kg (13,860 lbs.) 

Voss offers a wide variety of turning capabilities utilizing both engine and CNC lathes.  Our machine lineup offers great flexibility in processing parts, featur

ing single spindle 2-axis turning up to multi-spindle 5-axis turning center with live tooling.   To increase productivity, certain turning centers are outfitted with bar feeders.   Through our experience, our machinists have developed a specialization in hard turning.  Maintaining a commitment to top notch talent paired with world-class technology, our turning capabilities allow us to fulfill a variety of high quality and precision turning requirements. 

Key attributes:  

  • Singlespindle 2axis:
    • Max. turning diameter: 16.5”  
    • Max. swing: 23.6 
    • Max. turning length: 30.7” 
    • Max. bar capacity: 3.6” 
    • Multi-spindle 5-axis: 
  • Max. turning diameter: 14” 
    • Max. swing: 36.4” 
    • Max. turning length: 27.7” 
    • Max. bar capacity: 3.1” 
Surface Grinding
Surface Grinding

Voss offers surface grinding for applications that require greater precision or a high-quality surface finish. Utilizing both wet and dry surface grinders with both manual and CNC control, Voss is able to fulfill your grinding needs.  Voss prides itself on high tolerance, high precision grinding from over 50 years of tool and die experience.  Our combination of equipment, knowledge and highly skilled machinists allows us the ability to creathighly customized end features and profiles.  With an expertise in punch grinding and form grinding, Voss has developed the capability to grind complex shapes.  

Key attributes:  

  • Consistently hold tolerances of ±.0002” 
  • Max. travel: 20” x 36” 
EDM – Wire and Conventional
Wire EDM

Voss offers wire EDM machining capabilities with 4 different sized Wire EDM machines along with 1 Conventional Wire EDM machine.  Wire EDM is utilized for high precision parts that have intricate shapes, material stress limitations, tapers and/or surface finish requirements, all while holding tight tolerances.  Wire EDM services are highly effective for use with difficult to work with materials such as hardened tool steels but is suitable for any conductive material.  With the expertise of our skilled employees and our machine capabilities, Voss is able to provide wire EDM services to consistently deliver high precision and nearly perfect accuracy and repeatability.

Key attributes:  

  • Consistently hold tolerances of ±.0002” 
  • Maximum travel (X, Y, Z)30” x 20” x 25” 
  • Min. internal corner radius .003” 
  • Taper angles up to 30° 
  • Stand-alone operation
    Conventional EDM
5-Axis Machining/Turn Mill Machining
5-Axis Milling

Voss rounds out their machining capabilities with 5-axis technology and the turn mill.  5-axis technology enables us to reduce setups for the machining of unique features all while holding tight tolerances.  The turn mill combines milling and turning capabilities into one machine.  This enables high volume automated production of components with complex geometry.  These two machines allow for maximum versatility and reduction of setups as well as providing accuracy and the reduction of human error.  To optimize our machine programming, Voss utilizes Mastercam software with 3D models for the most basic to extremely complex part geometries.

Key attributes:  

  • 5-axis 
    • Max. travel (X, Y, Z, B, C): 19.69” x 17.72” x 15.75” x +110°/-5° x +/-360
    • Mastercam 3+2 or 5-axis contouring
    • Reneshaw Probe Inspection Plug 
    • 60 tool magazine 
  • Turn Mill

    Turn Mill

    • 9-axis machine with 5-axis contouring
    • 10” chucks with 3” bar feed capabilities
    • Mastercam turn and mill up to 5-axis contouring
    • 76 tool magazine for upper tool head with up to 20,000 RPM spindle
    • 10 station lower turret with live tooling (allows multitasking which drastically reduces cycle times)
    • Reneshaw Probe Work Piece Measurement
    • Spindle 2 workpiece ejector and workpiece unloader
    • LNS QL servo bar feeder
    • 60” turning length max
    • 4” max turning diameter