Slitting Line

This SL-Line Slitting Line consists of an Uncoiler, a Slitter, and Double Rewind and is used to slit coils of Copper, Brass, or Steel. The coils are slit then rewound back into a coil where they can be used in your factory. All pieces can be purchased individually. It can be used for slitting down stock sizes that aren’t being used anymore or trying out new stock sizes for new products. The slitter is easy to set up; just set the incoming guides to the strip width you are starting with. Then set the slitting blades to the size you wish to slit. Start the strip through, and you are ready to go. Voss supplies gauges to aid in the setup of your finished slit widths. Offline slitting can be done if you are using full coils to slit. These coils can be processed offline and then, when ready to use, transported over to the fin machinery. Simple to use, accurate, and produces factory-like coils.

Options Available:

  • Lube system for slitting Aluminum


  • Machine Size: Approximately 19.69 ft x 3.28 ft x 4.92 ft [6m x 1m x 1.5m]
  • Material Types: Copper, Brass, Steel, Aluminum
  • Speed: 32.81 ft/min [10m/min]
  • Power: 220vac 60hz 20amp


  • Master Coil
    • Coil Width Max: 11.81 in [300mm]
    • Coil Diameter Max: 29.53 in [750mm]
    • Coil Weight Max: 440.92 lb [200kg]
  • Slitter
    • Max Slit Width: 9.84 in [250mm]
    • Min Slit Width: 0.39 in [10mm]
    • Material Thickness: Ranges from 0.001 in [0.03mm] to 0.006 in [0.15mm]
  • Rewind
    • Upper Spindle
      • Coil Width Max: 11.81 in [300mm]
      • Coil Diameter Max: 11.81 in [300mm]
      • Coil Weight Max: 220.46 lb [100kg]
    • Lower Spindle
      • Coil Width Max: 5.91 in [150mm]
      • Coil Diameter Max: 11.81 in [300mm]
      • Coil Weight Max: 220.46 lb [100kg]