About Us

Voss Manufacturing is a three-generation family owned and operated company with roots firmly planted in Western New York.  Being a family business, it’s not just business, it is very personal.  Voss takes tremendous pride in nurturing the special attention and care of a family-oriented organization very seriously.  This component of our culture is a very large asset to the success of the company.

Voss Manufacturing was founded in 1967 by Karl Voss originally under the name of Voss Tool & Die.  Voss was founded on the premise of being unique; Both in providing unique solutions to customers and unique as a place to work.  Voss was built to stand out from the rest, on the foundation of core fundamentals that make Voss what it is.

Karl Voss was a technically minded entrepreneur who was an opportunistic risk taker, taking every chance there was to advance the business.  Wherever he could, Karl would continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology.  Above all else, Karl was keen on taking risks on people.  Karl had a unique knack for seeing value in people in an “outside the box” lens that very few were capable of seeing. 

Karl knew that his employees were his most valuable asset to the business and focused his efforts on cultivating a people centric culture, providing them with the environment and resources to thrive.  In establishing a unique environment for his employees, Voss grew a reputation as a premier employer.  This reputation has enabled Voss to attract, retain, and develop world-class talent throughout the years. 

In combining state-of-the-art technology with world-class talent, Voss has been able to provide its customers with unique solutions to their most challenging manufacturing needs that most other companies are unable to provide. 

Still to this day, Voss operates under the same fundamental values of founder Karl Voss, maintaining a competitive edge by offering a unique scope of capabilities that are a result of continuously investing in technology and people.  This has always been, and always will be the foundation by which Voss is able to offer top-notch solutions to its customers.