Uncoiler – UNC Large (UNC-L)

The UNC-L series is the Voss standard uncoiler for the FM-335 machine.  This is a large capacity uncoiler used for coils up to 500mm wide, 1.5m in diameter, and 1000kg in weight.

The UNC-L uncoiler is loop controlled, with either a DC motor using a dancer arm-controlled potentiometer or electrically controlled with a touchless sensor, to regulate the uncoiling speed.  Diameter sensing can also be added to sense the use on coils that are larger in diameter.  Equipped with both a soft stop and a hard stop tight web sensor, the machine will send either a controlled stop or an e-stop signal to the machine to stop the process once a tight web is sensed.  This unit has a few arbor options depending on the size and weight of the coil.  Voss arbors include;

  • Linkage Type Arbor – used for the larger ID coils. This uses a linkage assembly to expand the outer shoes to the ID of the Coil.  It is used for coil ID’s of 300mm to 500mm.
  • Cone Style – these are simple cones that fit into the ends of the Material Core.  They are very flexible and are used usually on core ID’s of 150mm and less.  They consist of two cones that wedge themselves into the core ID.
  • Hub Type – these arbors are ones made for a specific core ID.  Therefore, if the core is a 200mm ID, the Hub would be just under 200mm and slip into the core.  These are useful when the ID is always the same size, can be made special to any diameter, often simplify the setup of the uncoiler.

This is a slow speed uncoiler running up to 100 rpm, with a weight capacity of 1000kg.    Wheels are also available to allow for movement of the uncoiler around the shop.