Uncoiler – UNC Large (UNC-L)

The UNC-60 series is the Voss standard uncoiler for the FM-335 machine. This is a large capacity uncoiler used for coils up to 19.69 in [500mm] wide, 59.06 in [1500mm] in diameter, and 2204.62 lb [1000kg] in weight. The UNC-30 uncoilers are loop controlled, with a DC motor using a dancer arm-controlled potentiometer to regulate the uncoiling speed. These are equipped with tight web sensing, whereas the uncoiler will send an e-stop signal to the machine to stop the process once a tight web is sensed. This unit is equipped with both a soft stop and a hard stop tight web sensor; the machine will send either a controlled stop or an e-stop signal to the machine to stop the process once a tight web is sensed.

Options Available:

  • Linkage Type Arbor: Used for the larger ID coils. This uses a linkage assembly to expand the outer shoes to the ID of the Coil. This is a much heavier duty arbor assembly and is used for coil ID’s of 11.81 in [300mm] to 15.75 in [400mm].
  • Cone Style: These are simple cones that fit into the ends of the Material Core. They are very flexible and are usually used on core ID’s of 5.91 in [150mm] and less. They consist of two cones that wedge themselves into the core ID.
  • Hub Type: These arbors are ones made for a specific core ID. Therefore, if the core is a 7.87 in [200mm] ID, the Hub would be just under 7.87 in [200mm] and slip into the core. These are useful when the ID is always the same size, can be made special to any diameter, often simplify the setup of the uncoiler.
  • Left or Right Hand option
  • Gearbox: Two are available, one for slow and one for faster speed


  • Machine Size: Approximately 4.92 ft x 4.92 ft x 4.92 ft [1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m]
  • Machine Weight: 2204.62 lb [1000kg]
  • Machine Speed: 2 speeds available
  • Power: 220vac 60hz 20amp


  • Coil Width Max: 19.69 in [500mm]
  • Coil Diameter Max: 59.06 in [1500mm]
  • Coil Weight Max: 2204.62 lb [1000kg]
  • Material Thickness: Ranges from 0.00 in [0.1mm] to 0.01 in [0.3mm]