Serpentine Heavy Duty Assembly Fixture (SF-HD-size)

These heavy-duty assembly fixtures are used for bar and plate type core building where there needs to be high pressure to compress the core prior to banding.  The heavy-duty construction allows these pressures to be distributed evenly on the core without distortion.  It features two large bore cylinders mounted on the top for compression.  Movable side guides are used to keep the core square during building.

Machine Specification

  • Machine Size – 3.35m L x 1.83m W x 2.44m H
  • Machine Weight – 925 kg (Based on fixture size)

Machine Capacity

  • Max Fin Length – 60″ (1524mm)
  • Max Tube Length – 120″ (3048mm)
  • Core Size – 60″ x 120″ (1524mm x 3048mm)
  • Max Core Thickness – Tube Number Dependent