Industrial Square Wave Fin Machine (FM-235-SW)

The FM-235-SW machine is used for making square wave and lance offset type fins with appropriate tooling.

This machine is narrower than the FM-335 machine, only going up to 240mm width capacity.  This limits the internal turbulator to 240mm but is well suited for the narrower external fin.  In some cases, two strips of external square wave fin can be run, up to 110mm wide for added production needs.   For those with space limitations, or just getting into bar and plate coolers, this is the ideal machine to start with.  Lower tooling costs compared to the larger FM-335 but the same quality and options available to you.

The tooling is set up to give the most accurate fin height in the industry and with the flexible servo feed system, allows for precise control over the cut width of the turb, both making sure of the best possible fit into your assembly.  A heavy-duty capacity uncoiler is used to accommodate the rolls of raw material.  Weight up to 350kg, widths up to 240mm and diameters up to 1m.  Multiple cutoff options are available for this machine with interchangeable cutting blades that allow changing from a wavy cut to a straight cut.  Blades specially made for high density fins are available, and blades for special materials such as Inconel or stainless steel are available.

With punching speeds up to 300 spm, and quick-change tooling, it will out produce all the competition by as much as 4x and have a tooling changeover in just 20 minutes.  A variable speed drive to control the punching speed is also available as some tools you may want to run a bit slower to match up with production, or some tools faster as you are stockpiling the fins.  Either way you can dial in the speed that best suits your needs with this option.

Voss Square Wave Fin

Voss Lance Offset Fin

Square Wave Fin Machine
Accumulator - Cutoff Station
Indexing Cutoff
Square Wave Fin Machine
Square Wave Fin Machine Tooling Accumulator - Cutoff Station Indexing Cutoff HMI Square Wave Fin Machine

Industrial Square Wave Fin Machine (FM-235-SW)


  • Machine Size – 12ft [3.65m] L x 4.5ft [1.35m] W x 5.2ft [1.6m] H
  • Machine Size with Standard Boom Assembly – 11.5ft [3.5m] L x 4.5ft [1.35m] W x 5.2ft [1.6m] H
  • Machine Weight – 2000 lb. [900 kg]
  • Machine Speed – 250 strokes per minute, Optional Variable Speed
  • Pneumatic Service – 90 psi, clean, dry air
  • Electric Service – US Standard – 460V AC, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 20 Amp
  • Other electrical services are available.

Machine Capacity

  • Max Strip Width – 10” [255mm]
  • Max Fin Length – 60” [1500mm] (Determined by boom assembly capacity)
  • Parts per Minute – 30 max, depending on fin density and cut length
  • Max Material Thickness – 0.020” [0.50mm]

Supporting Equipment