Auto Radiator Core Builder (ACB-8090)

The ACB-8090 is perfect for building those large radiators typically used in standby of full-service generators. This machine uses an integrated fin machine and tube escapement to aid in building these cores with minimal part handling.  The core is built from the top down as the fin machine produces the fin, feeds it into the core builder where it’s placed on the last row of tubes and then after the fin is in place the tubes are dropped on the top and the cycle is repeated.  You can build one of these large cores in about one hour, then the table is lowered to the horizontal position where it can be headered and fixtured for baking.  The best part is the fins aren’t handled by hand as the machine produces them and inserts them into the core assembly untouched, making a pristine looking core.

Assembly Machines
Fin Escapement
Tube Escapement
Assembly Machines Fin Escapement Tube Escapement

Auto Radiator Core Builder (ACB-8090)

Machine Specification

  • Machine Size – 6.85m L x 3.55m W x 3.22m H
  • Machine Weight – 6725 kg (Based on builder size)

Machine Capacity

  • Max Fin Length – 80″ (2032mm)
  • Max Tube Length – 90″ (2286mm)
  • Core Size – 80″ x 90″ (2032mm x 2286mm)
  • Max Core Thickness – 3.50″ (90mm)

Supporting Equipment