Uncoiler – DSUNC Large (DSUNC-L)

The DSUNC-60 series is a special double spindle Uncoiler. This double spindle uncoiler has the same options as the UNC-60 with the exception that there are two spindles, one for current production use, and one for prestaging the next coil to be used. This allows one coil to be staged as the other is being used. The unit swivels by hand 180 degrees and locks it in once in position. Guarding keeps the operator away from the active coil during loading and unloading of the next coil. There are two spindles, over and under, to handle the coils while maintaining a small floor footprint. The DSUNC-60 uncoilers are loop controlled, with either a DC motor using a dancer arm-controlled potentiometer or electrically controlled with a touchless sensor, to regulate the uncoiling speed. Diameter sensing can also be added to sense the use on coils that are larger in diameter. These units are normally designed for specific applications based on the parameters below.

Options Available:

  • Expandable Aluminum Arbor: Available in two sizes, 2.95 in [75mm] and 3.94 in [100mm], and with extensions cover a range up to 11.81 in [300mm] in core ID diameter.
  • Linkage Type Arbor: Used for the larger ID coils. This uses a linkage assembly to expand the outer shoes to the ID of the Coil. This is a much heavier duty arbor assembly and is used for coil ID’s of 11.81 in [300mm] to 15.75 in [400mm].
  • Cone Style: These are simple cones that fit into the ends of the Material Core. They are very flexible and are usually used on core ID’s of 5.91 in [150mm] and less. They consist of two cones that wedge themselves into the core ID.
  • Hub Type: These arbors are ones made for a specific core ID. Therefore, if the core is a 7.87 in [200mm] ID, the Hub would be just under 7.87 in [200mm] and slip into the core. These are useful when the ID is always the same size, can be made special to any diameter, often simplify the setup of the uncoiler.
  • Left or Right Hand option


  • Machine Size: Approximately 6.56 ft x 6.56 ft x 4.92 ft [2m x 2m x 1.5m]
  • Machine Weight: 1763.70 lb [800kg]
  • Machine Speed: Custom
  • Power: 220vac 60hz 20amp


  • Coil Width Max: 19.69 in [500mm]
  • Coil Diameter Max: 59.06 in [1500mm]
  • Coil Weight Max: 2204.62 lb [1000kg]
  • Material Thickness: Ranges from 0.00 in [0.1mm] to 0.01 in [0.3mm]