Rotary Hemming Unit (RH-235)

The RH-235 is used in tandem with the Voss 135 machines. The process uses a set of 3 rollers, first folding the fin material down 90 degrees, then folding it under 45 degrees more, then finally flattening the material onto itself for a full hem. The rollers are mounted on a set of side frames to keep the relationship to each other the same, as the frames are moved in or out to hem different size fins. A set of spacers are used to position the side frames on the hemming station. These spacers are made to the thickness equal to the row spacing of your fin. So as the rows increase, you simply add a spacer to move the side frame out. The incoming guide plate is used to guide the material into the hemming station. This is universal in nature to accommodate any width stock up to the capacity of the hemming unit. The hemming unit is a standalone unit, mounted between the uncoiler and fin machine. The loop passes up and through the hemming station in line and is dancer arm controlled. The speed can be adjusted to the line speed of the fin machine to keep things running smoothly.

Options Available:

  • 4 Roll system for laminating Brass Edges onto the Fin


  • Machine Size: Approximately 3.28 ft x 3.28 ft x 3.28 ft [1m x 1m x 1m]
  • Material Types: Copper, Brass, Steel, Aluminum
  • Speed: 98.43 ft/min [30m/min]
  • Power: 110vac 60hz 20amp


  • Coil Width Max: 9.84 in [250mm]
  • Material Thickness: Ranges from 0.002 in [0.05mm] to 0.006 in [0.15mm]