Industrial Flat Fin Machine (FM-235)

The FM-235 is used to produce your larger flat or plate style fins or fins that have the need for more tooling stations.  This machine is the larger of the two industrial flat fin machines, (FM-135 and FM-235), with a capacity of up to 250mm wide fins.

The larger frame and base plate allow for additional flexibility by having room for 4 die stations instead of 3, it’s able to handle fins up to 250mm wide, and has a larger drive motor to allow for heavier loads.

The FM-235 is most noted for its use in the locomotive or the heavy duty mechanical bonded radiator market, where cores can be 200mm high x 1500mm wide and up to 3m long.  It’s important to have a high-quality fin for this type of radiator to ensure they assemble and perform correctly.  It’s also used for setting up two-out tooling, whereas you can run high production two strips at a time in one machine.  Fins up to 110mm wide can be run side by side in this machine.  Flexibility, although wider and more stations, this machine can run the smaller tooling that is used in the FM-135 machine.

Voss continues to develop the tooling and machinery to improve fin quality; more precise tube slots for better tube to fin bond while still allowing a good tube push, working with thinner materials down to 38 microns, and louvers that are crisp and clean cut making your fins the best they can be.

Voss Flat Fin

FM-235 Flat Fin Machine
FM-235 Flat Fin Machine
Special Tooling Needs
Two Out Machines
FM-235 Flat Fin Machine FM-235 Flat Fin Machine Special Tooling Needs Two Out Machines

Industrial Flat Fin Machines (FM-235)


  • Machine Size – 12ft [3.65m] L x 4.5ft [1.4m] W x 5.2ft [1.6m] H
  • Machine Weight – 1850 lb. [900 kg]
  • Machine Speed – 300 strokes per minute
  • Servo feed multi pitch capability
  • Single pitch mechanical feed available
  • Pneumatic Service – 90 psi, clean, dry air
  • Electric Service – US Standard – 460V/480V AC, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 20 Amp
  • Other electrical services are available.


  • Max Fin Width – 10” [250mm]
  • Max Fin Length – 60” [1600mm] With Standard Boom Assembly
  • Max Fin Thickness – 0.010” [0.254mm] Tooling Related
  • Min Fin Thickness – 0.0015” [0.038mm] Tooling Related

Supporting Equipment