Tilting Industrial Assembly Fixture (AFT-Series)

These fixtures are used when the operator loads the fins vertically into the assembly fixture. The table flips up to 90 degrees for fin loading, then down to horizontal for tube pushing. Because of this style, the size is limited to a 1.5m long fin and 1.2m long tube.

The base is a welded steel construction with a pivot and locking position to lock the table in place either vertically or horizontal. There is an adjustable fin stop to locate the fins when in the vertical position. Four corner supports to adjust the plates for your fin.

Tilting Assembly Fixture
Fin Stop
Horizontal Position
Tilting Assembly Fixture Fin Stop Horizontal Position

Tilting Industrial Assembly Fixture (AFT-4848)

Machine Specification

  • Machine Size – 2.00m L x 1.50m W x 2.00m H
  • Machine Weight – 925 kg (Based on fixture size)
  • Air Supply – 100 psi Moisture Free Air
  • Machine Color – Voss Blue
  • Warranty – 1 year

Machine Capacity

  • Max Fin Length – 48″ (1219mm)
  • Max Tube Length – 48″ (1219mm)
  • Core Size – 48″ x 48″ (1219mm x 1219mm)
  • Max Core Thickness – 10″ (250mm)
  • Fins Per Inch – Cut to your specifications 4 to 14 FPI

Machine Options

  • Other Available Sizes – AFT-4860
  • Contact Voss Mfg for custom size
  • Paint Color

Sample Specification for a Tilting Assembly Fixture