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2017 Product Line-Up

  Please take a look at this year's product line-up, you may be surprised at how extensive it is, From the oldest FM-135 Flat Fin Machines, to the newest TF-63120 Transform Machines. We have what you need if you are in the Heat Transfer Market.


  • Industrial Machines
  • Serpentine Fin Machines
  • Square Wave Fin Machines
  • Turbulator Fin Machines
  • Round Tube Fin Machines
  • Industrial Assembly Fixtures
  • Serpentine Assembly Easels
  • Bar-Plate Assembly Easels
  • Core Squaring Fixtures
  • Transform Machines
  • Hand Tools
  • Slitting Lines
  • Header Punching Machines
  • Special Tooling
  • Prototype Fin Tooling
  • Auto Core Builders

Voss Heat Transfer Tooling and Equipment

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From Industrial Flat Fins used on Large Locomotive Radiators to small Intricate Turbulators used on F-1 Race cars,

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